WT 360: LMI's logistics heritage also informs its present and future

Gettyimages.com / Sergey Mironov

LMI's chief executive Doug Wagoner takes us behind the scenes of how the company shifted from being a nonprofit entity to a for-profit, plus how the company work with government agencies to solve their logistics problems.

LMI was chartered during the Kennedy administration in 1961 as a provider of logistics management services and research to the federal government, work that remains core to the firm's vision and strategy.

That has not changed for LMI, but its change in 2022 from being a nonprofit to for-profit appears significant on the surface. In this episode, LMI's chief executive Doug Wagoner explains the rationale for making that shift and who the investors in the company are.

Of course, the conversation between Wagoner and our Ross Wilkers works its way toward what LMI plans to do with its private capital backing. 

LMI now has more resources for acquisitions and support for its continued push to lead in logistics, an area that has become paramount for federal agencies in light of all that has happened to supply chains during the past three years.

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