WT 360: How Iron Mountain works with the world's largest data collector

Gettyimages.com / Images Rouges

Iron Mountain's government business leader Melissa Carson joins to break down how the company takes all of the physical data assets federal agencies have accumulated over decades and turns them into a digital form.

It is the law of the land that says federal agencies cannot simply discard any of the data they take in, no matter how much they already have and regardless of whether it is digital or physical.

Melissa Carson, vice president and general manager of Iron Mountain's government solutions business, starts out this episode with facts and figures to help quantify the volume challenge agencies have with one mind-boggling number of government forms to pay attention to.

She then tells our Ross Wilkers all about how the government, and companies like Iron Mountain, are connecting efforts to make data management easier with the overall customer experience agenda.

That work includes turning physical assets into the digital form, which is no easy feat, but becoming more so with the advent of generative artificial intelligence and other AI techniques. Having the right guardrails in place is key to making that a success though, according to Carson.

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