Federal AI chiefs: Guardians of truth in the Digital Age

Terry Halverson of IBM's federal arm explains how the government's team of chief artificial intelligence officers can leverage open-source to combat misinformation.

From service to BD Success: Avoid these three mistakes when hiring veterans

As you onboard veterans for business development roles, you need to invest in the right training, according to BD expert Nic Coppings.

Maximus protests labor clause in $6.6B CMS recompete

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services decided not to continue with the contract after the current option and has inserted a labor harmony requirement into the new solicitation.

The new space race: Why the military wants to partner with the private sector

A new Space Force initiative signals a bold step in public-private collaboration, writes Jeff Huggins, president of Cailabs US.

Diversity gaps persist among the Top 100 C-suites

Our analysis indicates slow progress for women and stagnation for Black execs among the largest primes in the market.

How to leverage LinkedIn for the end of the fiscal year

Marketing and branding guru Mark Amtower shares five easy steps for raising your company's profile as we hurtle toward the fiscal year-end.

Why you need to understand the GSA view of buying SaaS

"Advance payments" and "upfront payments" may sound like the same thing but in the world of selling software-as-a-service there are some important distinctions, writes Tara Franzonello of the immixGroup.

Complaints mount about NITAAC's slow payment plan for CIO-SP4 protests

Many of the companies who won protests over the CIO-SP4 contract still have not been reimbursed for their costs and they are not happy about it.

Next Power Breakfast explores the tech behind the USDA mission

USDA officials and industry experts will share insights on how USDA is leveraging technology to meet their mission and the opportunities ahead.

8 ways to improve your media coverage

Boscobel's Joyce Bosc shares the findings of her latest survey of GovCon reporters and offers tips to help build those relationships.

Track these civilian IT priorities as FY2024 heads for the last quarter

A variety of initiatives are underway for cyber, modernization, citizen experience and more data-driven decision making, writes immixGroup market intelligence analyst Ryan Nelson.

Protest ping-pong engulfs $345M Veterans Affairs contract

GovCIO and General Dynamics IT continue to trade blows as the file conversion contract has turned into a perpetual loop of protests and corrective actions.

5 steps to building an early advantage in CMMC

With CMMC on the horizon, Redspin's chief information security officer Thomas Graham explains the five steps organizations should take to show they are an early adopter.

Go beyond the numbers to see what drives company value

Brian Peirce of Rock Hall Partners walks us through what drives company value once you get past the numbers on a spreadsheet.

Why a hybrid approach can help you navigate CMMC Level 3

Blending FedRAMP High and a commercial cloud environment can be an efficient way to reach CMMC Level 3 while optimizing your security and costs, writes Andrew Bream, vice president of enterprise IT at SOSi.

How AI can lead the fight against cyber threats

With threats rapidly evolving, artificial intelligence holds tremendous potential to revolutionize cybersecurity defenses, Janet Rathod from Citi and Bishop Garrison of the INSA write.

Unveiling the digital imperative in government contracting

Digital platforms such as websites and social media are important tools in government procurement. Jenny Karn, CEO of Lumino, explains why you need to embrace and cultivate your digital presence.