Tracking a telework turnaround

FCW's coverage reveals the changing attitudes toward telework.

Can fiscal 2012 budget balance cuts and new IT programs?

Federal IT spending requests are slightly ahead of 2011 levels with continuing resolutions and budget cuts competing with cybersecurity, cloud computing and mobile computing requirements, according to immixGroup.

Hughes extends broadband availability to remote government offices

Hughes Network Systems LLC has unveiled a group of services called Connect & Express for Government to provide remote government agencies and offices with affordable broadband Internet service.

IT is more than just technology, says one agency CIO

GSA has been moving forward continually with IT advances, but officials have learned a greater lesson than simply getting the hottest new stuff.

Is the digital leash a blessing or a curse?

Without a doubt, smart phones have dramatically changed the workplace. But has it been for the better?

Raytheon moves to pursue thin-client demands

Now a unit of Raytheon Co., Trusted Computer Solutions is taking its cross-domain thin-client technology into the Defense Department, the intelligence community and beyond.

Announcing the winners of the FCW caption contest

The entries are in, and the most recent FCW caption contest drew an astounding number and variety of ideas.

Can we avoid telework train wrecks?

The number of federal employees who telework is going to grow this year, but it’s not going to be a successful situation for all of them.

OPM tries again to get word out about weather dismissals

OPM alerts employees today on early-release options tomorrow.

Stranded on the highway or working from home?

How did the heavy snow affect your commute? Were you able to make use of the telework option?

Stranded on the highway or working from home?

How did the heavy snow affect your commute? Were you able to make use of the telework option?

How the federal government is missing the bus with its telework strategy

FCW cartoonist John Klossner is puzzled by the federal government's haphazard telework strategy.

Cisco's Klein listens from the top down

Bruce Klein, who leads Cisco's federal division, earns high praise from government IT leaders for his approach to partnering with agencies.

4 reasons why federal managers resist telework

In response to a recent blog post, federal managers explain why they would rather not allow employees to work from home.

Five reasons why some feds would rather not telework

Make no mistake: The vast majority of readers commenting on telework stories in recent weeks clearly favor having the option to work from home on a regular basis. But here is the minority report.

Why do federal managers oppose telework?

We have to ask: Do government supervisors have legitimate reasons for not letting federal employees telework?