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Mark Amtower


Three growth tactics for small contractors

Small businesses have limited resources, so how do you leverage your time, money and staff for the most impact?


Claiming a SME position and the 10,000-hour conundrum

Marketing guru Mark Amtower explains that it takes time to become an expert, but true mastery requires actively developing skills and then sharing your expertise.


Why annual reviews are critical for small and mid-tier contractors

To find a clear path to growth, companies need to leverage an annual review process to align their goals with their core capabilities.


It's never too late for the most important fiscal year-end sales tip

Making a good first impression means leveraging your LinkedIn profile to build your network, no matter what time of year it is.


The benefits of posting 'OPC' on LinkedIn

Sharing “other people’s content" across your network weaves you into a rich feed and the larger conversation.


Why corporate leaders need to be involved in customer outreach

When potential buyers see an active role being played by company executives, their confidence in that company goes up, the company credibility rises, and the likelihood of being a winner increases as well.


What execs need to know about using LinkedIn

The social media platform has several 'powers' that government contractors can wield to build their business and connect with customers.


The Minburn story: or how a small, dedicated team can accomplish big things

Columnist Mark Amtower shares the story of Minburn Technology Group and the marketing and relationship lessons the company's success has to offer.


Federal presence on LinkedIn continues to grow

Mark Amtower's annual census of feds on the social media platform show 2.7 million feds are on LinkedIn.


How to define the role of BD at the small business contractor

Business development has changed post-COVID, which means small businesses in particular must find to thrive in a hybrid environment of in-person and virtual BD.


Women still face harassment in GovCon market

A culture of sexual harassment still exists at many companies where problems are often ignored and women have little to no recourse to fight back.


Why you need to control your personal brand

Showing the market who you are helps you stand out as a subject matter expert but you have to take steps to control that message. Here's how.


Thought leadership takes expertise...and passion

There are multiple elements to establishing yourself as a thought leader and subject matter expert. No matter how smart you think you are, don't forget the importance of passion.


What you are leaving on the LinkedIn table

There is so much more you can do with your LinkedIn profile than just post your work experience. Here's a quick guide on what you might be missing and why it's valuable.


Why you should care about all the Feds on LinkedIn

The number of federal employees on LinkedIn grew significantly last year and here's why you can't ignore this crucial soft-sell platform.