Enlightenment Capital unveils new space company

Gettyimages.com / Bagotaj

Auria came together through a series of acquisitions over the past two years to create a software development specialist for several aspects of space.

Government market investment firm Enlightenment Capital has combined four portfolio businesses into a single entity going by the name of Auria, which will focus almost exclusively on space programs for federal and commercial customers.

Auria goes to market as a 400-employee software developer for several aspects of space including operations, domain awareness, orbital warfare training, cybersecurity and satellite communications management.

Colorado Springs-headquartered Auria said Monday it came together through a string of transactions Enlightenment has made over two years, starting with the initial acquisition of Boecore in 2022.

Boecore went on to make three purchases with Enlightenment's backing that have included Ascension Group, Orbit Logic and La Jolla Logic.

"We see the areas of space operations and strategic deterrence as fast moving, crucial to national defense, and demanding innovation and investment," Devin Talbott, Enlightenment founder and managing partner, told WT via email. "Auria is our platform to support this vital mission set, and we will continue to search out opportunities that contribute to this effort."

“Auria represents the coming together of four special companies under a unified brand and vision that represent the breadth and depth of capabilities that the combined company brings to its customers,” Auria's president Tom Dickson said in a release.

Enlightenment's formation of Auria is in keeping with how the investment firm is working to build up iNovex into a larger technology integrator predominantly concentrated on intelligence agencies. Enlightenment used that philosophy with EverWatch, which also had the same focus prior to its acquisition by Booz Allen Hamilton in 2022 for approximately $440 million.