BlueHalo to combine with Eqlipse Technologies / Natrot

Both companies are backed by Arlington Capital Partners, which formed them approximately three years apart from one another.

Arlington Capital Partners, one of the government market's most active private equity investors, is bringing together two of its portfolio companies to create a larger defense technology integrator.

BlueHalo and Eqlipse Technologies said Tuesday that they are joining forces with the end result being a 2,400-employee business with pro forma annual revenue approaching $1 billion.

All parties involved expect to close the transaction during the first quarter of this calendar year. BlueHalo's current chief executive Jonathan Moneymaker will lead the combined company with plans to operate under that name and keep the headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

For Eqlipse, this integration takes place less than a year after the company first unveiled itself to the market with that name and identity. Arlington stood up Eqlipse as a midsized integrator of cybersecurity and signals intelligence solutions in the national security arena.

Eqlipse then went on to acquire a pair of businesses during the summer and fall, including the purchase of SR Technologies to further round out the signals intelligence portfolio.

Now in combination with BlueHalo, the new company will look to accelerate the development and fielding of its technologies with more resources to work with.

“The only constant in global defense is the certainty that threats will continue to evolve, new battlefields will emerge, and the landscape will change,” Moneymaker said in a release.

BlueHalo touts the combined entity's core tech areas as including space, counter-unmanned aerial and autonomous systems, electronic warfare, artificial intelligence, digital operations, identity management, cyber, and open source intelligence.

Arlington has supported several acquisitions for BlueHalo since first standing up that company in 2020, including a pair of them in 2023 to add more counter-UAS offerings and software-defined radios.

One signature contract win for BlueHalo came in the spring of 2022, when the company secured a potential $1.4 billion contract with Space Force for the supply of antennas to help the branch add more satellite communication capacity.