Tyto Athene builds managed cyber service offerings via acquisition

Gettyimages.com / ArtemisDiana

Tyto is looking to provide a more fully-integrated approach to agencies for their network security postures.

Tyto Athene has acquired a provider of cybersecurity services to government organizations as part of a push to further expand across the federal market's civilian segment.

MindPoint Group was founded in 2009 and touts its client base as also including agencies in the defense, national security, intelligence, space and public safety communities. Both companies expect to close the transaction in June with no other terms disclosed, Tyto said Tuesday.

One of MindPoint's flagship offerings is its managed security operations center, which the company operates on a continuous basis to monitor a customer's network and remediate any incidents.

MindPoint has received approximately $118.3 million in unclassified prime contract obligations over the trailing 12 months with the Justice Department representing 80% of that spend, according to GovTribe data.

MindPoint's largest contract in ceiling value is also with Justice: a potential seven-year, $445 million blanket purchase agreement awarded in March for SOC services across the entire department.

Tyto describes its focus areas within cyber as including enterprise defense, assurance, data resilience and the so-called Zero Trust approach where everyone needs to be verified before they access a network.

“The synergies between MindPoint and Tyto enable us to provide a fully integrated cyber solution approach that many of our customers seek to bolster their security postures against evolving cyber threats," Tyto's chief executive Dennis Kelly said in a release.

Kelly joined Tyto in March as CEO, close to six years after its private equity owners Arlington Capital Partners acquired the business from then-parent Black Box.

In April, Tyto acquired space software developer Microtel to add more offerings for controlling spacecraft and other onboard flight systems.