WT 360: How the auto industry informs DMI's federal strategy

Gettyimages.com / SrdjanPav

DMI's chief executive Rocky Thurston describes where the company is focusing its attention in the realm of digital transformation, drawing lessons from another industry known for wanting to go fast.

DMI was born as a mobility solutions provider in 2002 and that remains a core component of its approach to digital transformation work with federal agencies.

But another much faster-moving sector of the economy looms large in DMI's strategy for public sector. In this episode, DMI's chief executive Rocky Thurston explains to our Ross Wilkers what the auto industry teaches the company about taking modern technology into federal environments.

Think connectivity and automation in particular when listening to Thurston describe how DMI draws lessons learned from the auto industry. DMI's overall strategy and the role of its private equity backer Oceansound Partners are also on the discussion agenda.

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