2007 M&A Round Up

99 deals that are reshaping the market

Close Date Buyer Seller Gross Purchase Price (millions)
1/1/2007 Federal Network Services Inc. Communication Specialists Inc. NA
1/9/2007 Global Strategies Group On Line Consulting Services $2.7
1/11/2007 Potawatomi Business Development Corp. Advancia Corp. NA
1/16/2007 Federal Services Acquisition Corp. (ATS Corp.) Advanced Technology Systems Inc. $124.4
1/16/2007 ICx Technologies Inc. GHC Technologies Inc. NA
1/23/2007 ICF International Inc. Advanced Performance Consulting Group NA
1/25/2007 NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORP. Essex Corp. $581.8
1/30/2007 Perot Systems Corp. QSS Group Inc. $250.0
1/31/2007 L-3 Communications Inc. Geneva Aerospace Inc. NA
2/1/2007 Avascent Group DFI Corporate Services NA
2/1/2007 NCI Inc. Operational Technologies Services Inc. NA
2/2/2007 LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP. Management Systems Designers Inc. NA
2/7/2007 Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies Inc. Performance Network Engineering LLC NA
2/9/2007 Global Strategies Group SFA Inc. NA
2/9/2007 SM&A Inc. Project Planning Inc. na
2/12/2007 VT Group plc Milcom Systems Corp. $42.5
2/21/2007 L-1 Identity Solutions Inc. ComnetiX Inc. $17.8
2/23/2007 MSM Holdings LLC MSM Security Services LLC $3.0
3/1/2007 Calibre Systems Inc. Unity Inc. NA
3/1/2007 Global Strategies Group Bode Technology Group Inc. $12.5
3/2/2007 Humana Inc. DefenseWeb Technologies Inc. NA
3/12/2007 ATS Corp. Reliable Integration Services NA
3/13/2007 QinetiQ North America Analex Corp. $173.0
3/21/2007 Lake Capital NetStar-1 NA
3/28/2007 Roark Capital Group CyberCore Technologies LLC NA
3/29/2007 Axciom Corp. Harbinger Technologies Group Inc. NA
4/1/2007 Detica Group plc DFI International Inc. $39.5
4/1/2007 Stanley Inc. Techrizon LLC $30.0
4/9/2007 Deloitte & Touche LLP TI Consulting NA
4/9/2007 Paradigm Holdings Inc. Trinity Information Management Services Inc. NA
4/16/2007 LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP. RLM Systems Pty Ltd. NA
4/16/2007 QinetiQ North America ITS Corp. $76.5
4/17/2007 Suntiva Executive Consulting C-Systems International Corp. Professional Services Division NA
4/26/2007 The Carlyle Group Colmek Systems Engineering $2.5
4/30/2007 VT Group plc Dataline Inc. NA
5/7/2007 Caprock Communications Corp. Arrowhead Global Solutions Inc. NA
5/7/2007 L-3 Communications Inc. Global Communications Solutions Inc. NA
5/7/2007 ManTech International Corp. SRS Technologies Inc. $195.0
5/11/2007 Providence Equity Partners U.S. Investigations Services Inc. $1,500.0
5/30/2007 ASRC Federal Holding Company Analytical Services Inc. NA
5/31/2007 CACI International Inc. Institute for Quality Management Inc. NA
6/1/2007 Infor Global Solutions Inc. Hansen Information Technologies NA
6/4/2007 Caritor Inc. Keane Inc. $854.0
6/4/2007 TechTeam Government Solutions Inc. NewVectors LLC $40.8
6/4/2007 VSE Corp. Integrated Concepts & Research Corp. $19.1
6/5/2007 Foster-Miller Inc. (QinetiQ) Applied Perception Inc. $9.2
6/8/2007 Alliant Techsystems Inc. Swales Aerospace Inc. $100.0
6/8/2007 SI International Inc. Logtec Inc. $59.0
6/12/2007 ITSolutions LLC ITEQ Integrated Technologies Inc. NA
6/15/2007 Harris Corp. Multimax Inc. $400.0
6/26/2007 Apogen Technologies Inc. 3H Technology LLC $52.0
6/27/2007 NCI Inc. Karta Technologies Inc. $52.8
6/28/2007 ICF International Inc. Z-Tech Corp. $35.0
7/1/2007 The Carlyle Group Arinc Inc. NA
7/1/2007 D&S Consultants Inc. Viatech Inc NA
7/2/2007 CACI International Inc. Wexford Group International NA
7/3/2007 Honeywell International Inc. Dimensions International Inc. $230.0
7/5/2007 Paradigm Holdings Inc. Caldwell Technology Solutions LLC $3.7
7/10/2007 JB-Cubed Inc. Government Strategy Advisors NA
7/13/2007 L-1 Identity Solutions Inc. McClendon Corp. $66.0
7/25/2007 National Interest Security Company LLC Intelligence Services Division of GAITS NA
7/25/2007 National Interest Security Co. (DC Capital Partners) Technology & Management Services Inc. NA
7/30/2007 L-1 Identity Solutions Inc. Advanced Concepts Inc. $77.5
8/2/2007 SAIC Inc. The Benham Companies LLC NA
8/3/2007 Abraxas Corp. Intrinsix Corp. NA
8/9/2007 SRA International Inc. Constella Group LLC $157.3
8/17/2007 LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP. 3Dsolve Inc. NA
8/27/2007 ITT Corp. Dolphin Technology Inc. NA
8/31/2007 Alion Science and Technology Inc. LogConGroup Inc. NA
8/31/2007 ITSolutions LLC Codin Solutions Inc. NA
8/31/2007 TechTeam Government Solutions Inc. RL Phillips $2.2
9/4/2007 Accenture Ltd. George Group Consulting LP NA
9/4/2007 ATS Corp. Potomac Management Group $16.5
9/6/2007 Calibre Systems Inc. Cizer Software Corp. NA
9/26/2007 Leonard Green & Partners LLP Scitor Corp. NA
10/1/2007 ihs inc. EnvironMax Inc. $26.5
10/1/2007 MPC Corp. Gateway Professional Business $90.0
10/1/2007 Rolls-Royce plc Seaworthy Systems Inc. NA
10/1/2007 Ultralife Batteries Inc. Innovative Solutions Consulting Inc. $3.0
10/1/2007 Veritas Capital Pearson Government Solutions Inc. (Vangent Inc.) $585.0
10/9/2007 L-3 Communications Inc. OakHill Group NA
10/24/2007 QinetiQ North America Boldon James Ltd. $40.9
10/31/2007 Abraxas Corp. Aerodyne Inc. NA
10/31/2007 CACI International Inc. Athena Innovative Solutions Inc. $200.0
11/2/2007 CACI International Inc. Dragon Development Corp. NA
11/7/2007 Parametric Technology Corp. Logistics Business Systems NA
11/12/2007 ATS Corp. Number Six Software Inc. $36.0
11/14/2007 General Dynamics Corp. Mediaware International Pty Ltd. NA
11/21/2007 Camber Corp. Complex Solutions Inc. NA
11/30/2007 EDS Corp. Saber Corp. $420.0
12/3/2007 ICF International Inc. Simat, Helliesen & Eichner Inc. $51.0
12/11/2007 National Interest Security Co. (DC Capital Partners) Information Manufacturing Corp. NA
12/12/2007 Accenture Ltd. Maxim Systems Inc. NA
12/19/2007 ManTech International Corp. McDonald Bradley Inc. $76.5
12/31/2007 Accenture Ltd. Gestalt LLC NA
12/31/2007 Kratos Defense and Security Solutions Inc. Haverstick Consulting Inc. $90.0
12/31/2007 VT Group plc Advanced Engineering & Planning Corp. $75.0

Sources: Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin and Washington Technology