2012 M&A Round Up

102 deals that are reshaping the market

We collected all the closed mergers and acquisitions in 2012 and present them in a searchable and sortable data base.

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Who made the top deals of 2012

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Close Date Buyer Seller Gross Purchase Price (millions)
1/4/2012 The Cadmus Group Constructive Technologies Group NA
1/6/2012 Five Stone Research The Chief Information Group NA
1/9/2012 MANTECH INTERNATIONAL Evolvent Technologies $40.0
1/12/2012 Data Recognition Corp. REDA International NA
1/14/2012 TriaSys Technologies Assets of Signami NA
1/19/2012 LLR Partners Paragon Technology Group NA
2/1/2012 Louis Berger Group Inc. Ranger International Services Group NA
2/9/2012 The Buller Group Mabec Solutions NA
2/12/2012 CRGT Federal business from Ciber $40.0
2/16/2012 LinQuest Colorado Springs Operation from Schafer Corp. NA
2/22/2012 Lake Capital Whitney, Bradley and Brown NA
2/28/2012 The SI Organization PhaseOne Communications NA
2/29/2012 ICF INTERNATIONAL GHK Holdings Limited NA
3/1/2012 Prescient Edge Science Research Laboratory NA
3/21/2012 Novetta Solutions FGM Inc. NA
3/23/2012 Aveshka, Inc. Homeland security business from Civitas Group NA
3/30/2012 AASKI Technology Karrar Systems NA
3/31/2012 DFW Capital Information Innovators Inc. NA
4/2/2012 Salient Federal Solutions ATS Corp. $73.5
4/2/2012 Acentia 2020 Company $98.0
4/3/2012 Deloitte Consulting Select assets of iFed LLC NA
4/12/2012 MAXIMUS INC. Policy Studies $67.0
4/12/2012 NOBLIS INC. ElanTech Systems NA
4/16/2012 XL Associates Inc. ALON NA
4/17/2012 Hitachi Consulting PRIZIM NA
4/24/2012 Six3 Systems Inc. Ticom Geomatics NA
5/11/2012 ihs inc. XeDAR Corp. $28.0
5/23/2012 Exceed Corp. Valor Concepts NA
5/29/2012 IBM CORP. Vivisimo NA
5/31/2012 Schafer Corp. Kimball Consulting NA
6/4/2012 Force 3 Inc. secureRAD NA
6/6/2012 Veritas Capital Health care analytics business from Thomson Reuters $1,250.0
6/15/2012 Unicom Systems Inc. GTSI $34.4
6/22/2012 Engineering Solutions & Products LLC Certain assets from Usfalcon $22.0
6/27/2012 Ultra Electronics Holdings Barron McCann Technology $18.7
7/2/2012 CACI INTERNATIONAL Delta Solutions NA
7/3/2012 ITT Exelis Space Computer Corp $20.0
7/3/2012 Cardno Ltd. EM-Assist Inc. $14.3
7/6/2012 Esri GeoIQ NA
7/9/2012 DC Capital Partners Catapult Technology NA
7/11/2012 The Jordan Co. VT Group $98.8
7/17/2012 Bluestone Investment Partners CIS Secure Computing NA
7/26/2012 DCS CORP. OptiMetrics NA
7/31/2012 GENERAL DYNAMICS Ship repair business fromEarl Industries N/A
8/2/2012 PESystems C2Kinetics NA
8/10/2012 Layered Technologies Inc. New World Apps NA
8/24/2012 IXIA BreakingPoint Systems $159.7
8/27/2012 Novetta Solutions White Cliffs Consulting $26.0
8/27/2012 Correct Care Solutions Conmed Healthcare $54.9
8/28/2012 GENERAL DYNAMICS Fidelis Security Systems NA
8/30/2012 DCS CORP. Infoscitex Corp. NA
9/4/2012 Commonwealth Technology Inc. Black Oak Technology Group NA
9/5/2012 ECS Federal Inc. iLuMinA Solutions NA
9/6/2012 Vision Technologies Government Telecommunications Inc. NA
9/7/2012 A4 Solutions (now known as Metova Federal Services) Metova NA
9/11/2012 Guidepost Solutions ICS Consulting NA
9/20/2012 Novetta Solutions International Biometric Group NA
9/25/2012 NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORP. M5 Network Security NA
9/30/2012 OptumInsight Quality Software Services Inc. NA
10/2/2012 KeyW Corp. Poole & Associates $126.0
10/3/2012 Computer Sciences Corp. 42Six Solutions NA
10/8/2012 ASTRION (formerly Oasis Systems) RNB Technologies NA
10/12/2012 BCF Solutions RedBlack Communications [unit of Ultralife] NA
10/16/2012 KeyW Corp. Sensage $34.5
10/17/2012 Esri Geoloqi NA
10/19/2012 Fulcrum IT Corbin NA
10/22/2012 Raytheon Teligy NA
10/24/2012 EOD Technology Inc. Sterling International NA
11/1/2012 Westat GeoStats NA
11/6/2012 Pricewaterhousecoopers LLP Ray Group International NA
11/8/2012 NEK Acquisition LLC Eastern Research Group NA
11/9/2012 AMERICAN SYSTEMS CORP. Test and evaluation business from Science Applications International Corp. NA
11/13/2012 Lockheed Martin ChandlerMay NA
11/13/2012 Salient Federal Solutions LIST Innovative Solutions NA
11/13/2012 TWD & Associates The Engle Group NA
11/15/2012 Intelligent Software Solutions Inc. Xpect Software NA
11/26/2012 KeyW Corp. Rsignia NA
11/30/2012 KeyW Corp. Dilijent Solutions NA
11/30/2012 Tyler Technologies EnerGov Solutions NA
12/3/2012 BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON Defense engineering services from Arinc NA
12/4/2012 Hyland Software SIRE Technologies NA
12/4/2012 CACI INTERNATIONAL Emergint Technologies Inc NA
12/5/2012 National Security Partners Inc. LMN Solutions NA
12/10/2012 Epsilon Systems Solutions KAB Laboratories NA
12/12/2012 Raytheon Government solutions from SafeNet NA
12/15/2012 GAITS Project Performance Corp. NA
12/16/2012 SRA International National security solutions business from MorganFranklin NA
12/17/2012 Camber Corp. Novonics NA
12/17/2012 CUBIC CORP. Special operations training business from NEK Advanced Securities Group $52.0
12/20/2012 Mind Over Machines Seva Group NA
12/20/2012 Altamont Capital Partners Omniplex World Services NA
12/21/2012 GENERAL DYNAMICS Applied Physical Sciences NA
12/21/2012 Lockheed Martin CDL Systems NA
12/28/2012 Vistronix Technology Associates International Corp. NA
12/28/2012 CRGT Guident Technologies NA
12/31/2012 ISC8 Inc. NetFalcon and Network Content Control System business units from Bivio Networks Inc. $10.5
12/31/2012 CACI INTERNATIONAL IDL Solutions NA
12/31/2012 CBIZ Non-attest assets of PHBV Partners LLP NA

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