2024 M&A Round Up

Another strong year for acquisitions with 127 closed transactions

We've collected all of the closed merger and acquisitions from 2023. Our annual roundup is a critical data point about what is driving the market and how M&A is an important tool for companies looking to grow quickly.

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LISTEN: Inside the Guidehouse acquisition by Bain Capital. 

Close Date Buyer Seller Gross Purchase Price (millions)
1/1/2023 Razor's Edge Veros N/A
1/5/2023 TETRA TECH, INC. Amyx, Inc. N/A
1/6/2023 MartinFederal Consulting, LLC Xcel Engineering N/A
1/11/2023 One Equity Partners Mythics Emergent Group N/A
1/12/2023 McNally Capital Xcelerate Solutions N/A
1/12/2023 Blue Delta Capital Partners Core One Solutions N/A
1/13/2023 Boathouse Capital Compendium Federal Technology, LLC ("CFT") N/A
1/24/2023 DMI Simplex Mobility N/A
1/25/2023 AE Industrial Partners RED Lattice, Inc. N/A
1/26/2023 IRON BOW TECHNOLOGIES, LLC GuardSight, Inc. N/A
1/31/2023 LinQuest Corp. Hellebore Consulting Group N/A
1/31/2023 GI Partners Atlas Technical Consultants, Inc. $1.05 billion
2/2/2023 BlueAlly n2grate N/A
2/13/2023 Boecore Orbit Logic N/A
2/15/2023 LinQuest Corp. Capability Analysis & Measurement Organization N/A
2/16/2023 The Cadmus Group Nathan Associates N/A
2/23/2023 Eqlipse Technologies Net Vision Consultants, Inc N/A
2/23/2023 Eqlipse Technologies Resolute Technologies N/A
2/23/2023 Eqlipse Technologies Velocity3 Alliance LLC N/A
2/23/2023 Eqlipse Technologies Collabraspace, Inc. N/A
2/23/2023 Eqlipse Technologies Gradient Zero N/A
2/23/2023 Core One Solutions Global Research Analytics N/A
2/23/2023 CEIS Global Research Analytics N/A
2/23/2023 NV5 Axim Geospatial N/A
2/23/2023 cBEYONData Summit2Sea Consulting N/A
3/1/2023 Altamira Technologies VaST N/A
3/2/2023 Cherokee Federal Criterion Systems N/A
3/13/2023 Optiv Security, Inc. ClearShark, LLC N/A
3/21/2023 Emmes Essex Management N/A
4/3/2023 Core4rce PatchAdvisor N/A
4/5/2023 Chugach Alaska Corp. Vector Planning & Services N/A
4/10/2023 NV5 Global, Inc. Visual Information Solutions Business of L3Harris Technologies, Inc. N/A
4/14/2023 PARSONS CORP, IPKeys Power Partners, LLC $43 million
4/18/2023 Charlesbank Maltego $100 million
4/18/2023 Renovus Capital Partners Aretum N/A
4/20/2023 Chesapeake Technology International, Corp. Rapid Imaging Technologies LLC N/A
4/21/2023 Meadowgate Technologies LLC Engineering Solutions LLC N/A
4/24/2023 ASRC FEDERAL Broadleaf, Inc. N/A
4/24/2023 ZeroFox LookingGlass N/A
5/4/2023 Culmen International Vysnova Partners N/A
5/4/2023 CACI INTERNATIONAL Bitweave N/A
5/8/2023 Boecore La Jolla Logic N/A
5/8/2023 ASRC FEDERAL SAIC Logistics & Supply Chain Management $350 million
5/9/2023 Bluestone Investment Partners Precise Systems N/A
5/16/2023 B&A iDox Solutions N/A
5/16/2023 Exiger Ion Channel N/A
5/17/2023 iNovex Information Systems Innoplex N/A
5/18/2023 Main Street Capital Cybermedia Technologies N/A
5/22/2023 FR Capital Fregata Systems Inc. N/A
5/23/2023 Agile Defense XOR Security N/A
5/30/2023 SilverEdge Gardetto Engineering N/A
6/1/2023 iNovex Information Systems Secure Innovations N/A
6/1/2023 Three Saints Bay, LLC Bennett Aerospace N/A
6/5/2023 Willow Creek Partners The One 23 Group N/A
6/6/2023 CDW CORPORATION Enquizit N/A
6/22/2023 Broadtree Partners Joint Research and Development N/A
6/29/2023 Alcott Enterprises Shadow Systems N/A
7/3/2023 AKIMA Pinnacle Solutions N/A
7/5/2023 Chickasaw Nation Industries Washington Business Dynamics, LLC N/A
7/11/2023 Mission1st Group, Inc. Ardent Management Consulting N/A
7/11/2023 PenLink Inc. Cobwebs Technologies N/A
7/12/2023 Enlightenment Capital Red Alpha N/A
7/13/2023 The Swift Group OPS Consulting N/A
7/18/2023 NeuroFlow Capital Solution Design N/A
7/18/2023 IMB Partners eTelligent Group N/A
7/24/2023 RSC2 Navigant Systems, LLC N/A
7/24/2023 Eqlipse Technologies UES N/A
7/26/2023 NewSpring Holdings Bridge Core N/A
7/31/2023 CRDF Global Development Innovations Group N/A
8/1/2023 T-Rex Solutions Cyber Cloud Technologies N/A
8/2/2023 Arlington Capital Partners Integrated Data Services, Inc N/A
8/3/2023 Sentar Inc. Waterfront Technical Services N/A
8/7/2023 Versar Inc. Louis Berger Services N/A
8/8/2023 Arcfield Strategic Technology Consulting N/A
8/8/2023 Tyler Technologies, Inc. Computing System Innovations, LLC N/A
8/16/2023 Converged Security Solutions Solutions By Design N/A
8/21/2023 Aretum Artemis Consulting N/A
8/22/2023 Forward Slope Hypergiant Industries N/A
8/22/2023 MICHAEL BAKER CORP. Tidal Basin Government Consulting LLC N/A
8/22/2023 Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC Big Bad Wolf Security LLC N/A
8/23/2023 PARSONS CORP, SealingTech $196 million
9/5/2023 Bridge Core GeoYeti N/A
9/5/2023 First Advantage Infinite ID $41 million
9/6/2023 Lurie Investments Knexus Research Group N/A
9/7/2023 SAAB CrowdAI N/A
9/12/2023 MANTECH INTERNATIONAL Definitive Logic N/A
9/19/2023 A&M Capital VTG N/A
9/19/2023 Proteus Capital Solutions CSSI N/A
9/24/2023 Forward Slope SoarTech N/A
9/29/2023 Fvlcrum Advanced IT Concepts N/A
9/30/2023 Black Signal Cromulence N/A
10/2/2023 Loch Technologies Avirtek N/A
10/2/2023 TPG Inc. Global Governments and Critical Infrastructure Business ("G2CI") of Forcepoint, LLC $2.5 billion
10/6/2023 Bridge Core Teknoluxion Consulting N/A
10/10/2023 SMX Creoal Consulting N/A
10/31/2023 Redhorse Allied Associates International N/A
10/31/2023 Charlesbank Searchlight Cyber N/A
11/1/2023 Summit 7 Systems CSW Systems N/A
11/3/2023 CACI INTERNATIONAL Cyber-Duck N/A
11/6/2023 Intellibridge RevaComm N/A
11/7/2023 Falfurrias Capital Synergy ECP N/A
11/15/2023 Washington Harbour Partners SIXGEN N/A
11/16/2023 SMX Outside Analytics N/A
11/17/2023 Acclaim Technical Services OASIC Engineering N/A
11/21/2023 Precise Systems Excet N/A
11/23/2023 Arlington Capital Partners Exostar, LLC N/A
11/27/2023 Systems One KeyLogic N/A
11/27/2023 Crimson Phoenix Cyberspace Solutions N/A
11/27/2023 Crimson Phoenix Tech Master N/A
11/29/2023 BlueVoyant Conquest Technology Services N/A
11/29/2023 Madison Dearborn Partners T2S N/A
11/29/2023 Arcfield Orion Space Solutions N/A
12/4/2023 Acclaim Technical Services Alder Technology Services NA
12/4/2023 Yulista Holdings Dsoft Technology, Engineering, & Analysis N/A
12/4/2023 Capital Meridian Partners Clarity N/A
12/6/2023 Evergreen Services Group Omnyon N/A
12/12/2023 Lynx Timesys N/A
12/16/2023 Bain Capital Guidehouse $5.3 billion
12/19/2023 Carlyle/Insight Partners Exiger $1.2 billion
12/21/2023 Enlightenment Capital Ridgeline International NA
12/26/2023 CM Equity Dexis Consulting Group NA
3/5/2024 C3 Integrated Services Ingalls Information Security N/A
4/29/2024 SPA PRKK N/A

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